Bulk refuse collection changes in Glasgow



Glasgow City Council have advised the Association that the Council will be introducing charging for household bulk waste collections from 5 July 2021.


This decision brings Glasgow into line with the vast majority of Scottish local authorities, where charging for uplifting bulky items is a standard feature of their waste management services.

Requiring householders to pay for large items to be collected is also consistent with the Council’s new Resource and Recycling Strategy 2020-30 and ‘empowering Glasgow to become a zero-waste city’.


Charging aims to change the way citizens think about resources. By assigning value to bulky items we can encourage residents to reduce the amount of waste they produce or find other ways for items to be reused where possible. Extending the useful life of bulky items will help reduce Glasgow’s carbon footprint and help support the city’s aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


You can find out more about the Resource and Recycling Strategy 2020-30 by following this link.


Full details of how the service will operate and the charges applied will be available on Glasgow City Council website from today at www.glasgow.gov.uk/bulkywaste, however, for assistance a summary of key details are provided below.


Glasgow City Council are introducing charges for collection of household bulky waste from

5 July 2021.

• Residents will be able to place requests online by first registering with “myaccount”. Full details and guidance is at www.glasgow.gov.uk/bulkywaste

• Glasgow City Council will provide a limited phone line initially for 3 days a week for residents who cannot access the internet.

• Payment can be made by credit or debit card on the secure site and will be taken upfront.

• Residents will be provided with terms and conditions which provide information on their rights and obligations.

• Charges are:

- £35 for up to 10 standard items (£35 for each number up to 10 thereafter)

- £35 for each large electrical item – these will be collected separately for recycling

- Special large items such as marble fireplaces, sheds, cast iron baths will continue to

be charged on a half-hourly basis. A full list is available on our website.

• Residents will first be issued an acknowledgement and will then receive a follow up notification with a Collection Date – Glasgow City Council aim to collect items within 28 days.

• Where Glasgow City Council have been unable to collect for operational reasons, they will arrange a new Collection Date.

• More information including full terms and conditions, FAQs, lists of items they collect, how and where to present items, is on their website www.glasgow.gov.uk/bulkywaste

• Residents can continue to visit Glasgow City Council Household Waste Recycling Centres, and if items are in good condition, residents can also use Zero Waste Scotland's National Re-use Tool and donate these items to charity. The link is here: https://wasteless.zerowastescotland.org.uk/articles/reuse-tool