Lifelink Stress Service

We were all delighted at Lifelink to have been successful in securing the Glasgow City Stress Service and to launch delivery of this service on the 1st of April 2020 to the communities of Glasgow.


Current service update: COVID19

Given the current crisis and social distancing requirements, we have taken the necessary steps to provide a telephone counselling service to clients, with the option to extend to video sessions where required.


We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that you can continue to refer as you would have done previously. We understand your surgery may be operating very differently from before, however you can still make referrals for patients that may benefit from our service even during this period of lockdown using the following methods:



By email: 

By telephone: 0141 552 4434


Clients referred to Lifelink will receive a person-centred therapeutic assessment by telephone as near to time of referral as possible. Following this the most appropriate intervention will be discussed, offering direct access to a service that meets clients’ needs and eliminates waiting times and reduces risk of ‘downward spiral’ while people wait for much needed services.


We are also encouraging referrals from and for individuals that may not feel that they require formal one-to-one counselling sessions but do feel that they would benefit from simply having someone qualified to talk through their stresses and anxieties with. We know that the current situation may leave a lot of individuals worried about getting in touch with us because they think that our team will be too busy dealing with other clients whose mental health situation is much worse, but we want to dispel this belief. We’re keen to encourage referrals from clients who might benefit from our more relaxed service during this pandemic – working with a therapist for a single session and developing some coping strategies may be enough to greatly improve their mental health.


Once normal services resume you can also direct your patients to our wellbeing classes which they can register for directly with no prior assessment.

Our website at provides more information on all of our services and will allow your patients to refer themselves directly.


Our management team are available should you wish to contact us at any time regarding any issues or even just to chat about the service.


You can contact our management team using the details below:  - Operations Manager 0141 559 6713 – Service Manager (North West & South) 0141 471 9700


We look forward to working closely with you and your colleagues to support your patients and members of our local communities.



The team at Lifelink