Regulatory Standard 2

Regulatory Standard 2.1

The RSL gives tenants, service users and other stakeholders information that meets their needs about the RSL, its services, its performance and its future plans.

Regulatory Standard 2.2

The governing body recognises it is accountable to its tenants, and has a wider public accountability to the taxpayer as a recipient of  public funds, and actively manages its accountabilities.

Regulatory Standard 2.3

The governing body is open and transparent about what it does, publishes information about its activities and, wherever possible, agrees to requests for information about the work of the governing body and the RSL.

Regulatory Standard 2.4

The RSL seeks out the needs, priorities, views and aspirations of tenants, service users and stakeholders. The governing body takes account of this information in its strategies, plans and decisions.

Regulatory Standard 2.5

The RSL is open, cooperative, and engages effectively with all its regulators and funders, notifying them of anything  that may affect its ability to fulfil its obligations. It informs the Scottish Housing Regulator about any significant events such as a major issue, event or change as set out and required in notifiable events guidance.