Regulatory Standard 5

Regulatory Standard 5.1

The RSL conducts its affairs with honesty and integrity and, through the actions of the governing body and staff, upholds the good reputation of the RSL and the sector.

Regulatory Standard 5.2

The RSL upholds and promotes the standards of behaviour and conduct it expects of governing body members and staff through an appropriate code of conduct. It manages governing body members’ performance, ensures compliance and has a robust system to deal with any breach of the code.

Regulatory Standard 5.3

The RSL pays due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality and human rights, and foster good relations across the range of protected characteristics in all areas of its work, including its governance arrangements.

Regulatory Standard 5.4

Governing body members and staff declare and manage openly and appropriately any conflicts of interest and ensure they do not benefit improperly from their position.

Regulatory Standard 5.5

The governing body is responsible for the management, support, remuneration and appraisal of the RSL’s senior officer and obtains independent, professional advice on matters where it would be inappropriate for the senior officer to provide advice.

Regulatory Standard 5.6

There are clear procedures for employees and governing body members to raise concerns or whistleblow if they believe there has been fraud, corruption or other wrongdoing within the RSL.

Regulatory Standard 5.7

Severance payments are only made in accordance with a clear policy which is approved by the governing body, is consistently applied and is in accordance with contractual obligations. Such payments are monitored by the governing body to ensure the payment represents value for money. The RSL has considered alternatives to severance, including redeployment.

Regulatory Standard 5.8

Where a severance payment is accompanied by a settlement agreement the RSL does not use this to limit public accountability or whistleblowing. The RSL has taken professional legal advice before entering into a settlement agreement.